Happy Birthday Brian Setzer

BAND LOGO: Stray Cats singer / guitarist Brian Setzer sings at Pacific Amphitheater, Tuesday Night.///
////ADDITIONAL INFO//// 02_straycats.0723.ks – shot 07/22/08 – Ken Steinhardt The Orange County Register.

Happy Birthday Brian Setzer! In the early 1980s, the Stray Cats front man stood up in the moshpit of the punk rock/new wave revolution and daringly waved a big, greasy flag for rockabilly. Back when I was a teenage punk rocker, this guy opened up the world of rockabilly and roots music and spurred my desire to play in a band. Setzer captured the imagination of the freshman class of the emerging MTV generation with his peroxide pompadour, pleated baggies, patent leather Creepers, and his 1959 Gretsch guitar strapped over his leather clad shoulder. He’s never been content to play niche music — always turning to innovation. So grateful for what Stray Cats music meant to me and my friends. All the best.

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