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Happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends in love, who’ve lost love, and those in search of love. Big hugs, a box of chocolate, a round of golf, and a juicy sirloin. I am envious of the poets who contemplate love. It is like trying to lasso a tornado. Good luck!
I’ve been to the Rev. Al Green’s church in Memphis three times – right down the road from Graceland. When he starts bobbing and weaving in the pulpit, I can’t help but hear the Soul Man singing, “Let’s, let’s stay together/ Lovin’ you whether, whether/ Times are good or bad, happy or sad.” In my mind, he will always be the funky St. Valentine.
Before the greeting card companies began milking it, February 14 was the feast of the martyred Saint Valentine from the third century. According to tradition, the skull of the patron saint of lovers – beheaded because he secretly married couples during the reign of Roman Emperor Gothicus – supposedly is encased at the Basilica di Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Italy (thus the photo on this Ash Wednesday).
I simply adore the visual because – and I say this with all due respect – sometimes it just seems like you lose your head (or at least your mind) when you fall in love.
Yep, I am well aware of the complicated history of whether there was one or two Saint Valentines and where exactly all his (their) relics ended up. While that is troubling to some, I rather enjoy the inexactitude of Saint Valentine’s story.
Love is kinda sloppy and messy like that – and complicated. It reminds me of one of my favorite love songs, “The Golden State,” by John Doe of X. “You are the hole in my head/ I am the pain in your neck/ You are the lump in my throat/ I am the aching in your heart.” Been there, done that. And I don’t regret it for a moment.
To those in the throes of love, Congratulations. Muah. Muah. Muah. So happy for you. Honestly. Allow me to leave you with this irrationally beautiful sentiment on love from songwriter Nick Cave. I can see him saying this to his lovely wife Susie:
“Come sail your ships around me/ And burn your bridges down/ We make a little history, baby/ Every time you come around. Come loose your dogs upon me/ And let your hair hang down/ You are a little mystery to me/ Every time you come around.”
I love that Valentine sentiment. Sail your ship around the one you love. Let your hair hang down. Toast to the mystery of the heart. Hold hands, squeeze tight, be grateful. Happy Valentine’s Day!
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