C.S. Lewis, Aldous Huxley, John F. Kennedy, Los Lobos, Roller Derby, Lou Reed, Teo Bishop, Wesleyan Theology, Noah, Todd Christenson, and Dr. Who

LEWIS-articleLarge• Puddleglum and the Savage by Ross Douthat (NY Times)

• The Chronicles of C. S. Lewis Lead to Poets’ Corner (NY Times)

As Los Lobos turns 40, bandmates reflect on a trippy ride: The East. L.A. band brought a new sound to the music scene 40 years ago, a legacy abetted by its members’ enduring artistic drive. (LA Times)

Rolling Thunder: Women’s roller derby is an underground phenomenon (Sports On Earth)

Why C.S. Lewis remains popular: James Houston reflects by Sarah Pulliam Bailey (RNS)

• Lou Reed’s New York Was Hell or Heaven (NY Times)

An Ex-Mouseketeer’s Journey Back to Christianity From Paganism (NY Times)

• How does Wesleyan theology rank with “millenials”? by Donald Haynes (United Methodist Reporter)

Check out the new Noah trailer

How Catholic was John F. Kennedy? (CNN)

Todd Christensen dies at 57; record-setting NFL tight end: With a vocabulary to match his football skills, Todd Christensen helped the Raiders win two Super Bowls. (LA Times)

• Doctor Who: Time travel through faith (BBC)





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