Bono’s eucharist in Bogotá

Via Twitter (Juan Carlos Iragorri).

According to news reports, Bono received communion at a local parish on the morning (October 8) after performing the Joshua Tree anniversary concert in El Campin Stadium in Bogotá, Columbia. According to those attending mass, Bono arrived without fanfare, sat quietly in the back of the sanctuary, prayed in silence, and received Communion.

The service was conducted at the chapel of The Gimnasio Moderno, a prestigious primary and secondary educational institution in Bogotá.

“Coolness might help in your negotiation with people through the world, maybe, but it is impossible to meet God with sunglasses on,” Bono said in a provocative 2005 book-length interview with Michka Assayas. “It is impossible to meet God without abandon, without exposing yourself, being raw.”

In regard to his faith, Bono told Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone: “If I could put it simply, I would say that I believe there’s a force of love and logic in the world, a force of love and logic behind the universe. And I believe in the poetic genius of a creator who would choose to express such unfathomable power as a child born in “straw poverty”; i.e., the story of Christ makes sense to me. … As an artist, I see the poetry of it. It’s so brilliant. That this scale of creation, and the unfathomable universe, should describe itself in such vulnerability, as a child. That is mind-blowing to me. I guess that would make me a Christian. Although I don’t use the label, because it is so very hard to live up to.”

The photo was taken by an unknown participant at the religious service.

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