Tom Petty on greed and power

“Through these hypnotic eyes, we’re told we’re nothing if we don’t have a mansion and dress like a movie star,” Tom Petty says. “I’ve never seen so much jewelry advertised. It’s hard on a young person to not think that’s the game. When I was growing up, people didn’t expect to get a swimming pool.

“You can boil all the world’s problems down to one word: greed,” Petty says. “It’s not greed on the part of poor people. It’s these very wealthy people who make a lot of money and then live only to make more. The money starts to make them miserable because they’re worried about somebody getting it. Then the money’s not enough and they seek power. Very few people on this globe know how to responsibly handle power. It’s gone into the hands of really shaky people who don’t care who they hurt in their quest to have more money than they’ll ever need.”

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