Neon Cowboy Being Restored

The Tumble Inn sign before its hat and top of the cowboy’s head was removed to begin restoration. (Jonathan Thorne)

Jake Nichols, Cowboy State Daily: Almost as colorful as the Tumble Inn’s neon sign is the history of the business it promoted.

From steakhouse to roadhouse, the Tumble Inn was a place many an imbiber stumbled out of. Through its legacy, the juke joint was a haven for prohibition violators, exotic dancing and even a murder.

Back in the day, the historic U.S. 20 was the longest continuous highway in America, spanning from Maine to Oregon. After interstates took over, the section in Wyoming between Casper and Shoshoni was still a long one for many vehicles to navigate without handy watering holes like the Tumble Inn.

An early version of the Tumble Inn was reported to have been in operation in Ten Sleep. Also, according to newspaper clippings, a place of business operating as the Tumble Inn was raided in 1925 and its bartender, S.A. Michaelson, arrested for serving moonshine during prohibition.


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