How One Church Is Reaching the Most Secular Society on Earth

Great write up in Relevant Magazine by James Dwyer about one of my favorite churches in the world and one of my favorite Brits.

“Nicky Gumbel has led Holy Trinity Brompton to think hard about how it can reach a generation many churches around them are simply missing.

“But what’s perhaps most distinct about HTB isn’t what’s different about it, but what’s familiar. For Gumbel, it’s not about innovation or presenting a certain image—it’s about finding the “right way to present the unchanging message,” he says.

“Gumbel pioneered the widely used Alpha course, a set of resources and curricula that explore the Christian faith (typically over 11 weeks). Today you can find Alpha running in cafés, churches, universities, homes and bars around the U.K. Much like the church it comes from, Alpha is not like anything you’d normally associate with church curriculum—which is why it has exploded with over 29 million people participating globally.”


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