Contact highs and appreciating other people’s art

Confession: I’ve got a bit of a twin obsession with both Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird) and Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine). Found this story and photoshoot in W Magazine to be very interesting.

Alix Browne, W Magazine: But last September, when Welch was working on the follow-up to her 2015 album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, and dreaming about the people she’d most love to collaborate with, she reached out to Gerwig. “That songs can be triumphant and exciting but at the same time you just don’t have it figured out, that things can be joyful and you can be strong but there is an underlying sense that all the time you are questioning—I thought Greta would get it.”

The two reunited in New York, over waffles and pierogi at Veselka, a Ukrainian joint in the East Village, and talked about working on a project together. “One of my very favorite parts of making Lady Bird was working with Jon Brion on the music,” Gerwig says. “Getting to be in another person’s world is really exciting. When you love someone else’s art, and it’s not an art you can make, it’s like a contact high being around them. You have superpowers I can’t possibly understand, but I can also love your superpowers.”

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