Bono on Focus on the Family, Atheist Prayers, C. S. Lewis, Willie Nelson, Lillian Daniel, Paula Deen, Praying for Others


Bono – Husband, Father, Advocate (Focus on the Family)
Bono: David sang the blues and Jesus did some punk rock (RNS)
The Meaning of Life with Bono (interview with Irish journalist Gay Byrne)
* Atheist Prayer: Religious activity not uncommon amongst non-believers (Huffington Post)
C. S. Lewis, Evangelical Rock Star by T. M. Luhrmann (NY Times)
Willie Nelson: Holy man of the honky tonks (Rolling Stone, 1978)
Lillian Daniel amongst the Unitarian Universalists (Patheos)
Church without god by design (CNN)
Saying Grace: Paula Deen, Progressives, and Race by Maria Dixon (Patheos)
More than a platitude, praying for others promotes hope, optimism by David Briggs (Huffington Post)


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