The real Roy Orbison story

Roy Orbison once said, “people often ask me how would I like to be remembered and I answer that I would simply like to remembered.” If Orbison could look back these almost-30 years now after his death (on Dec. 6, 1988), he’d discover that he’s been more than simply “remembered.” As Roy Orbison Jr., once wrote: “There is only one Roy Orbison. And there are many. Blue-haired Rockabillys, Japanese leather rockers, All-American college girls whose favorite movie is ‘Pretty Woman,’ Elvis-lovers, country music fans … Ramones punk rockers … and good old-fashioned Roy Orbison diehards who have stood by him from the beginning. They all see a different Roy Orbison. They all see their own Roy Orbison.”

To read entire No Depression interview, click HERE.

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