Roller derby exhibition at Bullock Museum

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Find out more about the Roller Derby exhibition at the Bullock Museum in Austin, Texas.

From the website: “Though originally founded in Chicago in the 1930s, today’s fast, high-impact incarnation was founded in Austin in 2001 before spreading throughout the state. Today, Texas boasts approximately 47 leagues, and skilled skaters can be found on flat and banked tracks around the world. This exhibition examines contemporary popular culture and the role of women in contact sports through historical photographs, personal stories, and artifacts.

“Immerse yourself in a roller rink environment with life-sized images of skaters and experience first-hand the fierce rivalries, the thrill of the bout, and the speed of a whip. See uniforms, skates, posters and more from modern flat track and banked track leagues, as well as some of the earliest roller derby artifacts, images, and media footage dating to the 1930s.”

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