The Golden Girls who beat Covid-19

Gin-soaked raisins, champagne, chocolate, prayer, and two elderly survivors of Covid-19 provide a spot of positive news. While the infection has been a devastating health scourge around the planet, two women – one at 117 years old and the other at 105 years old – have beaten the dreaded infirmity. Sister Andre is a blind nun in southern France and the oldest person in Europe. She enjoys eating chocolate every morning and celebrated her 117th birthday with a glass of champagne. When asked if she was afraid, she said, “No, I wasn’t scared because I wasn’t scared to die.” More HERE.
In New Jersey, Lucia DeClerck celebrated her 105th birthday with news that she contracted the virus. She weathered the storm and beat the infection. How has she lived so long? “Prayer. Prayer. Prayer,” she said. “One step at a time. No junk food.” Interestingly enough, she does not consider the nine gin-soaked golden raisins she eats every morning to be junk food. She stores them in a Mason jar and has eaten them throughout her long life. More HERE. Congratulations to both Sister Andre and Ms. DeClerck.
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