Remembering Michael Cromartie


With so many others, I am saddened to hear of the passing of a joyful old friend, Michael Cromartie. For a few years in the late 1980s, I worked as his research assistant in Washington D.C. It was a long time ago, but the memories are bright and cherished. All the nice things that people are saying were true – even back then. He had an infectious intellectual curiosity to go with that smile – and an unbounding desire for civil engagement about the consequential issues of life and great ethical debates. Whenever we’d conclude a colloquium, Mike would pull out two glasses and a bottle from his desk drawer and want to rehash the entire event as we sipped. He had a zest for the jousting of competing ideas. Although his profession was discussing big thoughts, his greatest love was reserved for his family and the Good Lord. My condolences to Jennifer, Ethan, Eric, and Heather. See ya on the other side of the Jordan, Mike.

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